What do 500 HR professionals say about Human Capital

23 Nov 2016
It is clear that the human element directly impacts the bottom line

A poll conducted this month with more than 500 members of the LinkedIn group HR Jobs and Ideas, revealed that a startling umber of HR professionals believe that most hiring managers are not adequately prepared to comprehensively assess candidates’ technical and soft skills.

This means that that they are more likely make erroneous judgements about a candidate’s suitability for a role based on unconscious prejudices such as the candidates’ perceived similarity to the hiring manager, or their perceived level of ‘threat’ to the position of the manager in question.

Such unconscious biases have been widely written about, and can have a major impact on the soundness of hiring decisions. Solving these issues is the purview of the HR department, but such expertise can only be utilised when management recognises the problem.

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