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Care Advantage is an online screening platform showing applicants with the right values, attitude and fit for your business.

Trusted by many care organisations across Australia & New Zealand

What is it?

Care Advantage is used for the pre-employment behavioural screening of job applicants. It is specifically designed for frontline care, clinical and related applicants in Aged & Disability. It provides insight into an applicant’s job fit for the role by comparing their personality profile to a benchmark profile derived from high performers in the same role. It also flags applicants showing elevated risk results for behaviours such as hostility and integrity.

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What our clients say

Julie Shearman

Director People, Culture & Engagement | Presbyterian Aged Care NSW/ACT

Brendan Hall

Group Head of Resourcing, Performance & Reward

Christine Spears

Talent Acquisition Manager | BaptistCare NSW/ACT

Grant Barrow

Manager Human Resources | Vacenti

Alec McConnell

Lead Coach and Founder | Clermont Country Care

Kirsty Furchtenicht

HR Project Lead | MercyCare WA

Matt Mulvihill

Manager People & Culture | ECH

Amanda Kontor

Recruitment and Retention Team Leader | Amana Living

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