The Assessments
and Reports

There are four Care Advantage Assessments:

Personality/Job Fit


Cognitive Ability


You choose which ones to use

The assessments are completed online, mobile-friendly and set at age 12 reading level. The results provide a more complete picture of your candidate’s personal attributes and soft skills, before you decide.

Each assessment takes approximately 7 minutes to complete. 

Most clients only use the Personality and Attitudes assessments for frontline roles.

  • The Personality Assessment
  • Measures your applicant’s key personality traits and compares them against a benchmark of high performers in the same role. This results in an individual job fit score.

    The Personality Questionnaire is based on the well-accepted Five-Factor model of core personality traits:

    • Work Style –
      Conscientious vs. Carefree
    • Demeanour –
      Likeable vs. Tough-Minded
    • Rule-Abiding –
      Unconventional vs. Rules Orientated

    • Interpersonal –
      Extroverted vs. Introverted
    • Resilience –
      Stable vs. Sensitive

    The personality/Job Fit Report

    • Short and visual
    • Descriptions targeted to the role
    • Easy interpretation with free training
    • Highlights areas of concern
    • With targeted behavioural based interview questions

    When to use

    • Pre-employment screening
    • Development – Promotion
    • Vocational job fit

    45 questions | 7 minutes (untimed)


    Once the Personality Assessment is completed, the following additional reports can be generated:

    • Onboarding guide
    • Training & Coaching report
    • Leadership Identifier
    • Leadership – Self-Development
    • Leadership – Management
  • The Attitudes Assessment

  • Understand if the applicant is more likely to engage in counter-productive work behaviours.

    The Attitudes Assessment flags elevated risk in three key areas:

    • Hostility
    • Conscientiousness

    • Integrity

    The Attitudes Report

    • Insight into three counter-productive work behaviours
    • Plus targeted behavioural based interview questions
    • Instant insight into risk!

    When to use

    • Pre-employment screening
    • Risk Management
    • General employability

    27 questions | 7 minutes (untimed)

  • The Cognitive Assessment
  • Understanding your applicant’s general reasoning capability is a strong predictor of job performance particularily for more complex roles.

    If this is important in your selection decision the Cognitive assessment is used to measures problem-solving and learning speed by assessing verbal, numerical and spatial reasoning – combining these to create one overall general reasoning score.

    • The Personality/Job Fit Report with General Reasoning Score
    • Insight into general reasoning
    • For more complex and subject-matter expert roles

    When to use

    • Pre-employment screening
    • Development – Promotion
    • Vocational job fit

    30 questions | 7 minutes (timed)

  • The Engagement Survey
  • The Engagement Survey measures the current level of commitment an applicant has towards their job and employer.
    This provides insight into loyalty and pride as well as motivation. The engagement survey can be used as part of the recruitment process, before the end of the probation period or further down the employment path.

    When to use

    • Pre-employment screening
    • Probation review
    • Engagement measurement

    30 questions | 7 minutes (untimed)

    The predictive power of

    The real value of the Personality assessment

    The predictive power of benchmarking lies in the ability to compare your applicants to recognised high performers in the same role.

    Our system benchmarks are carefully created by a team of occupational psychologists ready for you to use.

    Develop your own benchmark

    We can help identify attributes important to your organisation and apply these in a custom benchmark. Compare applicants against your top performers.

    Once a candidate is in the platform they can be compared against any available benchmark. This is useful for promotions, lateral moves and other career changes.

    System Benchmarks

    You choose what your organisation needs

    Home Care Assistant

    Home Care Companion

    Personal Carer (Residential)

    Care Manager

    Registered Nurse

    Facility Manager

    Plus more

    Support Worker

    Case Manager

    Social Worker

    Live-in Support Worker

    Allied Health

    Child Care


    Plus more



    Human Resources

    Customer Service




    Plus more

    Registered Nurse

    Registered Nurse – ICU

    Registered Nurse – ER


    Pharmacy Aide

    Nurse Assistant

    Plus more

    Additional Reports

    Once the applicant has completed the Personality assessment, a wide variety of additional reports are readily available in the platform.

    • Onboarding Report
    • Leadership Identifier
    • Leadership – Management
    • Leadership Self-Development
    • Training and Coaching
    • Feedback Report
    • Career Trait Profile Report (vocational)
    • How to interview your next employer (vocational)
    • How to pick your next employer (vocational)

    What our clients say

    Brendan Hall

    Group Head of Resourcing, Performance & Reward

    Julie Shearman

    Director People, Culture & Engagement | Presbyterian Aged Care NSW/ACT

    Christine Spears

    Talent Acquisition Manager | BaptistCare NSW/ACT

    Grant Barrow

    Manager Human Resources | Vacenti

    Alec McConnell

    Lead Coach and Founder | Clermont Country Care

    Kirsty Furchtenicht

    HR Project Lead | MercyCare WA

    Matt Mulvihill

    Manager People & Culture | ECH

    Amanda Kontor

    Recruitment and Retention Team Leader | Amana Living

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