FAQs for Employers

You choose! As part of the licence you will have access to up to 4 assessments. Most clients choose the Personality (Job Fit) and Attitude Assessment for frontline applicants which will take them approximately 15 minutes to complete in total. You can choose to add on the Cognitive Assessment as well as the Engagement Survey, which will take the total timing to just under 30 mins. Have a look at The Assessments for more info.

Each assessment takes approximately 7 minutes to complete. Only the Cognitive Assessment is timed at exactly 7 minutes. Have a look at The Assessments for more info.
Absolutely! Contact us for your free trial. 
​Care Advantage can seamlessly integrate with most E-recruitment systems an ATS platforms. Contact us to get get in contact with our Delivery Account Manager who is more than happy to discuss what you would like to achieve with integration or have a look at our integration page
​Within seconds of the applicant submitting their assessment, you will receive an email with the candidate’s reports. 
​This is a sensitive subject since one of the many ‘secrets of our science’ is the content and format of our assessment questionnaires. These assessments are leading edge and use subtle forms of questioning to elicit accurate candidate responses – and the questions come from ‘question banks’ containing a wide variety of questions and statements. We are happy to show you some of the questions or let you take a trial assessment. Just let us know.
Yes they can, but we will know about it! Our assessments contain sophisticated algorithms and checks that identify false, faked, distorted or random responses. This will show up on a special scale in the report, called the “Good Impression Scale”, which are built into the Personality and Attitude Assessment. 
The assessments and reports are based on contemporary psychological research and theory (The Big Five) and each assessment is well-standardised, reliable and valid. The assessments are normative and thus excellent for selection purposes that require comparative analysis of traits, job fit behaviours and the prediction of good performance. 
You can choose to have the reports emailed to you or you can access them in your own – custom branded – online platform. 
We have several pricing plans to suit your company and recruitment process. Our pricing options will give you further information
Yes, we have developed a special Career Trait Profile Report with insights and tips about a suitable career based on their assessment results which can be made available to candidates to download after completing the assessments. This is done automatically so does not require any effort from your end, plus it makes for a great candidate experience! 

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