The impact of COVID-19 on recruitment and how we are now working

20 Mar 2020
Our view on working in the COVID-19 world
Just like many other businesses, our office staff are all working from from home and are taking all safety precautions as directed by the government. We can no longer offer face-to-face training sessions and meetings, but other than that, we are business “as usual”.The workforce shift
Many of our clients are building an “emergency” or “back-up” workforce for when times get tougher. The creation of new jobs brings opportunities for those huge numbers of people who recently lost theirs. The subsequent recruitment task is just as large and met with novel challenges. For example, group recruitment drives are no longer an option and many clients are thus exploring video interviewing.

Screen for attitudes, teach the skills
We are seeing an increase in interest in behavioural screening as many applicants now come from non-care sectors. The lack of relevant work experience does not necessarily have to be a problem, as long as the person has the right job fit, values and attitude to work. Although this does not work for all roles, there are certainly roles which can be learned on the job.

We have thereby developed new functionality that helps to quickly screen large applicant pools to find those people with the best job fit and attitude to work. Hopefully this will ease some of the recruitment processing efforts.

Being able to do our assessments at home, online and thus remote, is another factor that has seen an increase in demand. The free Career Trait Profile report that many candidates automatically receive after completing the assessments is a valuable tool in their search for a job.

Stay safe!
​These are extraordinary times affecting billions of people around the globe. Let’s hope that in the not so distant future we can meet up with a group of friends and think back to the time when the world stood still. In the meantime we will continue to help smooth out the recruitment screening process and wish for people to stay safe and healthy whilst getting used to their new “normal”.

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