Cognitive Ability Testing. Why would you?

10 Sep 2020

When hiring a candidate for a position in your workplace, it is important to get somebody who is the right ‘fit’. This means many things… Will their personality fit into the work environment? Do they have the knowledge and skills required to thrive in the position? Do they have the cognitive ability to cope with the role you are offering to them? This short blog post will show the benefits of cognitive ability testing in the workplace and how this can benefit you and your company. Afterall, finding the perfect candidate is worth its weight in gold!

What is Cognitive Ability Testing?
Cognitive ability is simply the capability of an individual to perform various mental activities, including skills such as problem solving and learning. It is then easily understood why testing a candidate’s cognitive ability would help you to make a decision about whether they are the perfect person for the job.

A cognitive ability test will assess how the candidate will adapt to new changes, grasp new concepts and see new opportunities. It is an indicator of how the person can solve problems, learn new things and process information.

Why Should My Company Use Cognitive Ability Testing?
As previously stated, cognitive ability tests will allow you to gain greater insights into the abilities of your candidates. Not only this, but cognitive ability has been found to be a great indicator into future job performance.

It might benefit you to know that our Cognitive Ability test only takes seven minutes to complete and instantly provides information on the candidate’s ability to problem solve and learn new skills. This will help you to understand whether they’re right for the role, and also how you can support them to learn in the future should you choose to hire them.

It is worth noting, that just because somebody scores low on these tests, does not mean they’re not right for the role. Every role is different, and you can take this into consideration when looking at the scores. The lower scorers are often really good at handling routine tasks once trained effectively. It’s all about matching the right person to the right job!

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