The Care Advantage Trial

The purpose of the 30-day trial is for you to get a better understanding of the Care Advantage platform and assessments. It helps provide clarity around how it can be most effectively used in your organisation and the benefits it can provide. The demonstration is obligation free and at no cost to you.
Choose Roles

We will start by identifying one or two roles that you will be recruiting for. Preferably a high-volume frontline care role.

Invite Applicants

We will then create an assessment event for you and give you an email template with a special link to this event to send to your candidates, inviting them to complete the assessments.

Send the email via Seek, your ATS, your email or whatever way works for you. Preferably soon after candidates have applied.

Want to trial on shortlisted candidates only? No worries, that is fine too. Maybe we can do both.

Complete Assessments

Your job applicants will click on the link and complete the assessments (takes them just 15 minutes).

TIP! For a great candidate experience, we can switch on the option to automatically provide them with a free Career Trait Profile Report upon completion. 

View Results

After a couple of days we will have a look at the (initial) candidate results together.  We will show you the platform, the candidate results and which candidates are identified as "higher-calibre, lower-risk".

TIP! Now is the time to grab those resumes and start looking at them in the order that the Care Advantage results suggests. This should save you heaps of time and help you to quickly respond to the best of the bunch. 

OPTION: If you decided to use the assessments on shortlisted candidates, you will automatically receive their PDF report pack in your inbox.

Full Access

We will then give you your own login details to your trial platform for you to monitor the assessment results and to continue the trial at your own pace.

TIP! Feel free to explore the platform and use the screening for other roles. We will stay close-by to assist if needed. 

Analytics and Insights

At the end of the trial we will give you interesting trial stats to help you build your business case if needed.

Although most clients can't see themselves going back to their "old" way of recruiting, the trial is 100% obligation free. 

Kristy Furchtenight | Project Manager People & Culture

Assessed 158 Support Worker Applicants

Matt Mulvihil | Manager People & Culture

Assessed 155 applicants for HR and Home Care roles

Richard Budd | HR Manager

Assessed 12 Care Workers after an initial screen

Theresa Weaver | Recruitment Coordinator

Assessed over 300 applicants for multiple roles

Amanda Kontor | Recruitment & Retention Team Leader

Assessed 117 applicants over multiple roles

Beverly Van Der Merwe | HR Officer

Assessed 98 applicants for different roles

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