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The Care Advantage Personality Assessment provides two pieces of overarching information:

  1. the participant’s personality profile
  2. how that profile compares against a benchmark profile of low, average and high performers in the same type of role – the benchmark

There are around 100 job fit benchmarks in the platform. They have been created by a team of occupational psychologists by:

  • reviewing the relevant job description
  • speaking with managers of and incumbents in the job
  • comparing the personality profile of low, average and high performers in the job

We recommend creating custom benchmarks for your most commonly used roles. 

Most of our licence options include one free custom benchmark per licence year. Additional benchmarks can be purchased from $2,500 (ex. GST)

Download more info here

Assessment questions

Relevant for Recruitment

Policy and guidelines

For Hiring Managers

Use this document internally if you want to provide some guidelines around the job fit and attitude scores.

Download the full hard stop / soft stop guidelines here

A Care Advantage policy template ready for you to adapt and slot into your recruitment policy. 

Download the Care Advantage policy template

Guidelines on what to do with a participant who has a disability. 

Download the guidelines on what to do when a participant has a disability

Download the manual for hiring managers with info about:

  • the Care Advantage assessments
  • what it measures
  • how to use the reports during the interview
  • interview faking rating checklist

If a participant has an extreme right result on the Good Impression scales of both the Personality Assessment and Attitudes assessment, we call that a “Good Impression double whammy”. 

Although this is not a reason to rule someone out, it does warrant further investigation. If you decide to interview, we recommend completing the interview faking rating checklist afterwards, to test if this exaggeration has continued. 

Download the interview faking rating checklist here

or access the online calculator version here



Care Advantage is integrated into the following platforms:

The first step in exploring integration options is to contact the other party with which the Care Advantage assessments are to be integrated. Most often this is your ATS. They will be able to tell you if this is possible, what is required and any associated costs. 

When you’re ready, contact us for next steps:

The following HR metrics are relevant in relation to the effectiveness of the behavioural screening (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Staff turnover rate (annually, monthly)
  • Staff turnover rate in first 12 months of employment (how long do new starters stay)
  • Involuntary turnover (number of employees who had to leave to business involuntarily. Those that you would not want to rehire.)
  • Average Tenure
  • Time to fill a vacancy
  • Impact on Agency Cost
  • Time to create a shortlist
  • No shows at interview
  • Quality of shortlist (subjective)
  • Conversion rate from shortlist to hire
  • Job performance (based on official performance measures or more subjective measures)
  • Number of misconduct cases, investigations and/or dismissals
  • Reason for termination or resignation (from exit interview)
  • Effectiveness/experience of on-boarding process or development efforts (subjective)
  • Employee engagement depends on many other factors as well)

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